Why You Need an SR&ED Consultant

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Just as you are an expert in your field, we are experts in ours. Maxim Innovation is a premier SR&ED consulting firm. You may be wondering whether you really need a consultant to help your company with its claims. A consulting firm can help you set up your claim for success, letting you get back to your business. 

How Can a Consultant Help Me?

Some consultants will prepare the claim and review it for the client. While others will only review or do select parts of the process. This blog will focus on what the consultant will do once they have been hired to build your entire SR&ED claim.

Click here to visit the SR&ED section of the CRA’s website.

What Will the Consultant Do?

Consultants for SR&ED will educate you, guide you, and make filing claims hassle-free. Maxim Innovation can make your life easier by supporting you in this tedious task and allowing you to focus on running your business.

Time Optimization

Hiring a consultant will allow you to focus your time on other tasks. Your consultant is an expert in SR&ED claims so they can complete the job swiftly and efficiently. They understand the process as well as what the CRA requires.

You Can Feel Confident

Your consulting team knows this process inside and out, which means you do not have to stress about getting it right! Besides, the CRA is more likely to approve a claim that has gone through experts because they are more reliable than firms that are inexperienced in SR&ED claims.

Get the Most out of Your Claim

Many firms who file their claims themselves do not know what they can write-off as part of their research and development study. Your consultant knows what can and cannot be filed in the tax credit claim, which means you can get a better rebate, and your chance of getting audited is slim.

Be Prepared for an Audit

If the CRA performs an audit, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Everything’s in order when experts handle the case. However, the auditing process can delay your rebate for approximately 6-8 months.

Some reasons that you could be audited are:

  • Misreporting expenses
  • Random selection

The first one isn’t something that you should be concerned about when you’ve used a consultant. As mentioned above, experts know what can and cannot be expensed. 

Maxim Innovation

  • Our methodology is designed to analyze eligible activities holistically and maximize your refund amount.
  • We have a process in place that makes it less time-consuming for you when we establish your claim.
  • We proudly have a solid reputation with the Canada Revenue Agency and we make sure that your claims are expedited swiftly. 

Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

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